About me :

My name is Zahra Molaee. I am PhD student at Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) under supervision of Dr. Shirzad.

Educations :

2013              Ph.D.  student  in Particle Physics

                      Department of Physics, Isfahan university of Technology, Isfahan, Iran

                      Advisor: Dr. A. Shirzad

2010-2012     M.S. in Particle Physics, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran

                      Advisors: Dr. M. Ghominejad, Dr. H. Hassanabadi.

                      Thesis: “Scattering of Spin-zero and Spin-one Particles by relativistic DKP equation ”

2006-2010     B.S. in Physic, Semnan university, Semnan, Iran

                       Focus: Solid State Physic

Research Interests :

General Relativity

Constraint Dynamics

Modified Gravity

Quantum gravity

String Theory